Don’t Dedicate To Potential

Sometimes we pretend to be okay with something that an individual says or does or is because we’re expecting or hoping that particular characteristic of theirs will alter, and sometimes it can.

I’m not normally somebody who likes going out too much, but if the person that I was with taken pleasure in going out more than I did, there’s a possibility that I would start enjoying it more too, however I would not desire them to dedicate to the idea that is going to take place.

Just like if I fulfill someone who says that they don’t ever want to get wed. While I do, I must not commit to the idea that one day they are going to alter their mind. Acknowledge someone’s real colors and decide if their color palette matches with yours.

Do not search for a task to become an appropriate partner. And now that does not mean that you need to look for somebody who is perfect and that completely lines up with you and your life from the very start, since that’s not actually what reality appears like.

The person that you are today needs to align with the person that they are today. You don’t line up with who they could be or with who you could be.