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 My husband and I have been married for 20 years he was the owner of a London escort agency that I had previously worked at. When we first met I was only 21 years old he was 10 years my senior but we fell in love and he made a honest woman out of me. I have never met a man like him so driven so committed to his work and his colleagues and he really made working for cheap escorts an absolute pleasure. All of the staff at London escort felt safe under his lead and management.  

We celebrated our 20 years of marriage in Rome in the most romantic way. One thing about my husband is that he really understands what women want and how to be flawlessly romantic. Rose petals on the bed hot bubble bath‘s my favourite champagne and a bowl of fruit the most exotic fruits you ever see with the most beautiful colours he always knew that I loved colourful things.  

My husband will pay attention whenever I spoke he would be my listening ear my sounding board he would put my rants and worries to rest with just one sentence and calm any anxiety that I was feeling. He was my absolute world it was like we were one person but in two people he understood me he knew exactly what I wanted when we would have sex he knew exactly where I wanted him to touch me to kiss me and he’d even know when I just wanted a hug.  

At times I would tell my colleagues at London escort how lucky I felt I was and how I felt that he gave me so much that I couldn’t even begin to pay him back for all the kindness and love that he had shown me. I guess that’s why when I found out he was gay it was the biggest shock of my life. One day I came home to find a 12 page letter on our bed a rose and his wedding ring. The letter read to my dear wife best friend and soulmate. The letter continue to explain that from a little boy he is always felt different and always been attracted to his own sex. He tried to suppress the feelings and live a normal heterosexual life but it had come to a point that he could no longer ignore his desires. He apologised to me but also told me that being married to me was the best years of his life he was able to spend the majority of his adult life with his best friend and soulmate. Of course the letter was beautiful romantic bittersweet but I couldn’t help but feel angry betrayed and let down. I confided in my London escort‘s friends and told them what happened I couldn’t believe it the man that I thought that I would spend the rest of my life with wasn’t even attracted to me.